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Coconut Oil for Blepharitis

Description: Blepharitis is such an annoying condition that happens to your eyes but you can totally cure it by using coconut oil to fight off blepharitis…

If someday you’re waking up and experience inflammation in your eyelids, you should be looking for some remedies to treat blepharitis. However, don’t be scared of the terminology, as long as you see the pictures of blepharitis, you will know how common it is and it will somehow occur to people anytime in life.

In case your eyes feel dry and you’re seeing crust accumulating at the eyelashes’ base, then you might be having this problem. But blepharitis is not incurable and you don’t need to look for some kinds of OTC ointment or antibiotic or even eye drops as there are natural and simple home remedies for this problem.

Despite being simple problem, you still need to approach it with caution as well as have the doctor advised on the treatment because there might be the need of surgery in serious cases.

Before diving into the natural remedies for treating blepharitis, you need to get yourself equipped with the knowledge about blepharitis.

Blepharitis basically is an eyelid inflammation condition and it is usually chronic that can be seen often in anyone regardless of gender and age. Fortunately, blepharitis is not contagious at all, unlike other eye diseases such as conjunctivitis. Blepharitis comes 2 different types which are posterior and anterior.

Posterior blepharitis is often considered the problem with the meibomian gland. It is the one which occurs in most of the cases and treated using doxycycline antibiotics. But you can find some other cures which are just as efficient right from home.

Anterior blepharitis is the one that is triggered by bacteria and considered a local staphylococcal inflammation. Also it might be caused by the mite dermodex.

All the remedies for blepharitis have some things in common which are infection fighting and moisturizing effect. And in term of fighting infection as well as moisturizing, nothing can beat the combination of coconut oil and tea tree oil.

Tea tree oil is excellent in battling infections due to its antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties. Not many natural ingredients or maybe even pharmaceutical products contain all of those properties which are efficiently capable of battling many infections.

Enough with how good tea tree oil can be, let’s talk about coconut oil.

This ingredient has medium chain fatty acids in its structure. Therefore, once applied onto the skin, those fatty acids will improve the smoothness and softness of your skin while assisting in retaining the moisture. That is the reason why you need to obtain the type of coconut oil which is cold pressed in order to prevent any potential side effect from harmful chemicals.

So when those twos are combined, they can create a powerful cure that can not only prevent but also heal blepharitis well.

In order to prepare this cure, you just need to mix 1 tablespoon of coconut oil into 2 drops of tea tree oil. Then you rub the combination gently onto the inflamed area before going to bed.

After that, you keep applying this combination onto the eyelids until you feel blepharitis going away and then you keep on doing it for couple more days so that blepharitis can be gone completely.

Above is the instruction on how to use coconut oil combined with tea tree oil in treating blepharitis. It is one of the most effective natural cure for blepharitis and you just need to patiently follow then you will be able to see the result clearly.



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