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Best ways to get rid of vaginal odor

To those who have heard about vaginal odor, you all must have known and tried one or some in many ways to get rid of it. But the best ways are not very difficult to find out and apply. Less care about complying with hygienic regulations or the infections of bacteria cause this kind of problem. It is necessary for you to know that every girl has a vagina smell different from others depending on the menstrual cycle. However, when the smell is abnormal, you need to treat it as soon as possible.

Trying to follow sanitation rules

Wash the vagina 3-4 times per day smoothly in case of irritation, you can use mild antibacterial soap or natural liquid with warm water and a clean cloth to dry.

Change underwear daily.

2. Decline tight clothes

Bacteria will grow fast in the condition of warmness and dampness of wearing tight clothing. You should use cotton panties instead of any other. Remember not to keep wet, sweaty clothes when you have chance to remove or change them.

3. Regimen

Fruits are always good for not only your health but also vagina if you take in an enough amount. They help to build up immune system to handle diseases and vaginal problems.

Say “no” to alcohol, fast foods, fast drinks…as they will impulse the yeast’s growth in the vagina.

Drink much of water as well.

4. Promote yeast’s development by eating yogurt

Probiotics of yogurt help to balance bad bacteria inside your body and vagina. Eating everyday will do you good since it rejects vaginal odor. Maybe you don’t know yogurt, strawberries, salmon, spinach, nuts, bananas are wonderful source of magnesium. Therefore, you can select one of these foods to eat for preventing breast pain

5. Visit doctor if you have serious situation

If all the above methods do not satisfy you, visit a specialized doctor. If you have a fishy odor, gray, white, foul odor, yellow/green discharge…in a long time, you should go to hospital or private consulting room to check. Doctor will give you appropriate medicine and vaginal odor will dissipate early.

In conclusion, vaginal odor is not too serious when there are various ways to solve it. However, should you be worried about this problem, do not hesitate to consult with a physician. The undesirable odor coming from vagina can be removed or eliminated by using simple home-based techniques, but if the symptoms persist, it is better to consult with the physician for better health care treatment.



Best ways to get rid of vaginal odor
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